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Whack A Weed


Whack-A-Weed is a free “Whack-A-Mole” type strategy game for Android Phones & Tablets. Instead of pesky little moles, we have dandelions popping up all over our beautify landscape! Use the handy garden tool to nip those weeds in the bud!Whack-A-Weed offers three MODES OF PLAY:
WEED MODE – Try to whack every weed (dandelion) that pops up. The game ends after you’ve let 200 of them get away.
DANDY MODE – Try to whack every weed (dandelion) that pops up....but be careful not to whack Dandy, the friendly lion. He looks a lot like the regular weeds, but you can tell him apart by his smile and his big kitty paws!
TIMER MODE – Whack as many weeds (dandelions) as you can in 60 seconds!
Whack-A-Weed has music and sound effects, but you can turn either or both off if you prefer.